Snoack Studios

Image-Industry Email Template

Emails by Shannon Noack on March 10, 2013

This photography studio in Scottsdale, Arizona needed lots of space for eye-catching photos and a flexible layout that they could change out every time they sent it. The editable part of the email is made up of 3 image boxes which allowed the studio to design each space as they saw fit, changing the theme and colors as needed. The striking photography stands out with this minimalist layout that allowed them to do what they needed and show off their creativity.

TalentSplash Event Email Template

Emails by Shannon Noack on February 24, 2013

TalentSplash needed a special email template created for their users, a new offering on the site that allows talent to send out a custom email to promote an event. The template had to be clean and minimal and look sharp if used as is, but be flexible enough to allow them to make changes as needed. The top image can be switched out and all of the text can be edited as well.

TalentSplash Email Template

Emails by Shannon Noack on February 23, 2013

TalentSplash sends out weekly emails to their users and needed a new email template that matched their newly updated website and brand. They wanted it to be flexible so they could add text and images as needed. The header and footer pieces stay the same but the content in the middle changes each time, depending on how TalentSplash needs to use it. The header features images of different types of talent from the site giving the email template a customized look that’s made just for TalentSplash.

Soleil Organique Email Template

Emails by Shannon Noack on February 23, 2013

This organic sun and skincare company needed a new email template that was classy, sophisticated and catered toward their high-end products. We created an email design that allows them to showcase a new product or promo in the main space at the top. They can also add a sun and skincare tip, and their latest blog post at the bottom. The look of the email is clean and streamlined, and echos the look of their website and other marketing materials. This new template allows them to keep in touch with customers and other people on their list with a great-looking email that represents their company well.

Soleil Organique Holiday Email

Emails by Shannon Noack on February 22, 2013

Soleil Organique needed a special holiday email template for a promotion they were running for family and friends. They wanted it this special template to be clean and streamlined, and well as easy to understand, so users could easily complete their promo. We also wanted a bit of a holiday flair but nothing over the top, so we added some classy snowflakes to add a winter vibe.

StayOnSearch Email Template

Emails by Shannon Noack on February 21, 2013

This simple and powerful email design was created to incorporate the online marketing & social media blog’s most recent articles. The email needed to be simple and eye-catching and allow for an excerpt from each post, along with the image that went with it. We added in links to the most popular pages to encourage users to visit their site, and made everything easy to read and look at.

Jenn & Andrew’s Save the Date Email

Emails by Shannon Noack on February 21, 2013

This engaged couple needed a fun design for their email save-the-dates. The laid back wedding will have a bit of a beach theme with blue and tan colors, so we used these elements to create a classy but fun email for them to send out to their family and friends. Guests can click straight from the email to their wedding website, where they can read more about the big day and the events leading up to it.

Douglas A. Snow & Associates, Inc. Email Template

Emails by Shannon Noack on February 20, 2013

A structural engineering company in Scottsdale, Arizona, this company wanted a clean and professional email design that they could use to email current and past clients with updates and announcements. We took cues from their website and incorporated the header texture and color palette in the email design. The professional look that they established on their website is now present with each email newsletter they send as well.

Sunny Slopes Photography Email Template

Emails by Shannon Noack on February 19, 2013

This Colorado-based photographer wanted an email template that matched her other marketing materials so she could send out great-looking emails to her clients and potential customers. She needed a large space for her great photography but wanted to incorporate some text each time, and some announcements on the side as well. We balanced all of these items and made the visual part of the email stand out with some fun elements that show off her sunny personality and great working style.

Greater Grand Forks Young Professionals Email Template

Emails by Shannon Noack on February 19, 2013

This networking group in Grand Forks, North Dakota needed a clean and professional email template to use for sending out a weekly update to their members. They wanted something minimal that matched the great professional look on their website. In the email they have room for recent blog posts, upcoming events, and weekly announcements. The look fit their style and allowed them to send great looking emails easily.

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