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Website Design & Development

Your website should be the central hub of your marketing efforts, giving you a powerful online presence to represent your company. At Snoack Studios we provide clean and user-friendly designs that are targeted toward your unique audience and services. We work hard to create new and innovative online solutions with a look and feel that captures the essence of your company. Some of the things we provide:

  • Beautiful designs based upon your needs and style
  • WordPress-driven websites and blogs
  • Search engine-friendly code, helping your site get better search engine rankings
  • Responsive websites that function well on mobile devices

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Branding & Logo Design

A company’s brand & logo defines who they are and what they stand for, and we can help transform your company’s message into something that’s gorgeous and descriptive. We dig deeper with our clients to find something that really fits in with your audience, geographic location, style, and many other qualities. Some of the things we provide:

  • Custom logos that fit your company’s style
  • Stationary that matches your logo and helps express who you are
  • Print materials that fall in step with your branding

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We can help your company’s print materials shine with great design that fits your company’s style. It’s important that your company’s printed pieces deliver your message effectively so we work hard to make sure each design is catered toward your audience, and packs a powerful punch. Some of the things we provide:

  • Business Cards & Stationary
  • Brochures & Booklets
  • Postcards & Ads
  • Tradeshow Displays
  • And any kind of marketing material that you could need!

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Social Media Design

Different social media outlets provide different ways to incorporate your branding and make it fit with your company. Take advantage of these opportunities by giving your profiles a custom look that will impress your customers and make them feel comfortable connecting with you. Every experience your customers have with you should be the same so they don’t feel they are connecting with different people. So it’s important that your social media profiles are customized to fit your style. Some of the things we provide:

  • Facebook cover photos and profile images that are descriptive and take advantage of the real estate provided
  • Twitter backgrounds and header images that are unique and help you stand out
  • Plus, Google+ cover photos, LinkedIn header images and YouTube backgrounds that match your style

Email Marketing Design

Customize your company’s email that you send out whether you want to keep in touch with past clients, attract new ones, or communicate with others in your industry. Every experience your potential customers have with you should match and communicate your branding message. The visual aspect of an email can be unique and help you stand out. We can help customize a template that is setup for Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, and many others. Some of the things we provide:

  • Beautiful email designs that are targeted and customized
  • Email code that has been tested in many different email clients
  • Customized templates that allow you to add your own information and send out your emails easily

WordPress Maintenance, Training, & Tech Support

We offer a range of WordPress support services to help train you and maintain your website to keep things running smoothly. We provide monthly maintenance plans and ongoing technical support for WordPress websites, allowing you to focus on your business, instead of the tweaks and updates needed on your site. When WordPress websites aren’t kept up to date, they are more vulnerable and less secure, so we keep it up to date for you by providing monthly checkups. We also want you to have the power to edit your own WordPress website if you want to maintain it on your own, so we provide training based on your needs to help you complete these tasks, regardless of your previous abilities.  Some of the things we provide:

  • WordPress maintenance services including monthly site checkups where we’ll backup your files and make any plugin or core updates needed, so your website stays updated and working smoothly
  • Ongoing technical support to answer questions and help fix issues or make changes needed
  • WordPress training through Zoom calls, online videos or in person that are tailored to your needs