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Happy Holidays Email Template

Emails by Shannon Noack on February 18, 2013

We created a holiday template for our clients to use for sending out in lieu of printed holiday cards. Holiday cards sent digitally are great because you have more room for photos, links, lots of text, and all sorts of things that you can’t do with printed cards. This template is meant to be festive but can work well for friends and family or clients and professional contacts. There is space for text on the left and as many images as you like on the right. You can also add your logo or another image in the header area to make the email fit your company or family.

Educating Our Children Email Template

Emails by Shannon Noack on February 17, 2013

This non-profit group in Washington needed a corporate and professional email template that they could use for sending emails to investors and people in the community. They wanted to spread the word about the new company and wanted to do it with a classy look and a professional style. We added some images in the template to communicate the fun and educational aspect of what they do, but kept the style minimal and clean because of the audience they were targeting with these emails.

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