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Heirloom is a new boutique catering & event design company based in Falls Church, Virginia. The design for Heirloom is modern in style as it utilizes a long one page layout which is very trendy right now, but also showcases their great mix of rustic & modern styles with muted watercolor images of fruit and flowers set against beautiful food photography, a great mix of font choices, and lots of style elements that tie everything together.

The main style element of the design is the watercolor imagery that can be seen throughout the site in a few different muted colors. We chose a few different patterns to use throughout that showcase fruit and flowers, to bring together the catering and event styling aspects of the company. All of the call-to-action buttons are large circles that are eye-catching but unique in style because of their shape, size, and how they overlap other elements of the site. The circular shape was chosen to echo the design of the logo. A few different fonts were chosen and have been mixed and matched throughout the site. The main headline font, Serif Gothic Bold, has a unique look and pairs well with the cursive font, Meddon, that we’ve used minimally throughout the site as an accent font. The two fonts from the logo, Raleway and Museo, are also used throughout as body text and some accent text as well.