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Foundation Fitness Website

Foundation Fitness provides people with the tools and resources to lose weight, feel better about themselves, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The design had to be powerful to say the least. Patrick is full of energy and wants to inspire his clients to do their best and get excited about being healthy, which is something the website needed to communicate in a big way. So we packed the design full of bold colors, large typography, powerful images, and great textures to pull off this awesome look. We used the Foundation Fitness main color of bright red, which is full of so much energy, and completed the color palette with black and grey tones. There are a ton of different textures featured throughout to give a bit of a grunge feeling and mix it up with lots of unique touches. Circles are prominent throughout the design, which echo the circle from the Foundation Fitness symbol. We also added a few unique fonts that give the site a fun and custom look, including the handwritten font and the san serif font used throughout.

One of the big objectives of the site was to create long pages that were packed full of information. So we had to make sure they stayed organized and were easy to navigate. The main navigation stays fixed and directs users to different sections on the homepage. Call to action buttons in each section direct users to separate pages with more information on that particular program or service. On the homepage, we separated these sections by using different colors, textures and layouts for each.